‘Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge’ is Taking Over Chinese Social Media

‘Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge’ is Taking Over Chinese Social Media
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August 9, 2017
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The online trend was seen on the platform earlier this week, according to WhatsOnWeibo. To join the craze, female netizens take a picture of them trying to make a heart using their breasts and hands, covering their nipples with their fingers.
It is unclear where exactly the “Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge” originated or who started it. WhatsOnWeibo, however, seems to believe that the hype began when online live-streamer Ayi Xi Tai Lǜ did the pose in one of her recent shows.
As for the popularity of the new trend, Shanghaiist reported that the challenge has received over 1.6 million views. Despite the large number of views, only a few people have participated in the on-going trend unlike the “One Finger Challenge” that went viral in late 2016.
One possible reason why only a handful of people accepted the challenge was due to the obscene and pornographic nature of it. There is also the possibility of the photos being taken down as they are not allowed on Chinese social media.
The challenge was specifically targeted for female netizens but there are some men who were brave enough to give the “Heart-Shape Boob” a shot. One commenter on the social media platform even tried to do the challenge using his stomach fat, as translated by WhatsOnWeibo.
Unfortunately, not everyone was lucky to post their “Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge” on Weibo. Report has it that some new entries have been censored, showing empty images after being published.
Due to the censorship, some users believe that the “Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge” may not go viral just like all the other challenges that popped up on the internet in the past.
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