Little Girl from the Philippines Wins Halloween with Her Headless Costume


A Filipino girl is going viral on social media for her incredibly realistic Halloween 2018 costume, where she went out as a headless girl.

Maya, the now-internet-famous girl, went trick-or-treating in Southbay Village, Paranaque, Philippines last weekend along with her mother, Krystel Hwang, who took the viral video and uploaded it to her social media accounts – both on Facebook and on InstagramMashable reported.

Adorned in a flower dress, Maya can be seen walking around the village while carrying her “decapitated” head on what appears to be a plate.

What’s even more impressive, though, is the fact that the stump where her head could be used as a basket for the candies she received from trick-or-treating. Now how genius is that?

Maya was not alone in trick-or-treating. She was joined by her sister who was dressed as a scary butcher.

Together, they make a pretty scary, yet adorable team.

Kudos to Maya and to her mother, Krystal, for the super amazing Halloween 2018 costume.

Feature Image screenshot (left) via Facebook / krystelrodriguez, (right) via Instagram / kryshteta, Video music via Bensound

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