Chinese Son Teaches Mom to Dance, Now They Are Going Viral

head isolation

A mother-and-son dancing duo from China has become a social media sensation for their head isolation moves.

Mad neck skills: The dancing duo’s impressive “neck isolation” moves have dazzled their audience both on and offline, according to Ink Stone News.  

  • The dancers, who hail from Liaoning Province, can move their bodies side to side while keeping their heads in one place. 

  • When they perform in public, people from the crowd would often try to dance with them.

  • The videos of the dancing mom and son attracted millions of viewers on Chinese video-sharing apps as well as international platforms.


How it all started: The son, named Cui Xinxing, went viral earlier with his dancing skills, and became known as “the breakdancing uncle.”

  • Cui’s earlier videos show him dancing in random locations such as a rice field, inside a mall or the streets.

  • He continues his mission to spread the joy of dancing in his current profession as an online dance instructor.
  • He now has over 7 million followers on his Chinese platform channels.

Featured Image Screenshot via Ink Stone News (left), Fun Vines (right)

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