Hayley Kiyoko Shoots an Arrow in Taylor’s Swift Latest Music Video

Hayley Kiyoko Shoots an Arrow in Taylor’s Swift Latest Music VideoHayley Kiyoko Shoots an Arrow in Taylor’s Swift Latest Music Video
Hayley Kiyoko, also known as the “Lesbian Jesus” to her fans, appeared among a star-studded cast in Taylor Swift’s newest music video for “You Need to Calm Down.”
Kiyoko makes a cameo among other celebrities, including Laverne Cox, Dexter Mayfield, Hannah Hart, the “Queer Eye” Fab Five and Ellen Degeneres. She shoots an arrow and hits a number five right on target. There is some speculation about a potential collaboration on that track, with the fifth song in Swift’s past albums being the most emotional, according to People.

— Amit Anand (@AmitAnand_12) June 18, 2019

The new video has already garnered over 27 million views and is trending at No. 1 as of this article.
Kiyoko rose in the music industry with her song “Girls Like Girls,” and the release of her latest album “Expectations.”
Swift became friends with Kiyoko after Swift’s fans bashed Kiyoko for supposedly throwing shade at her in an interview. Swift defended Kiyoko last year. Kiyoko described her response in an interview when music executives had asked her if she was doing another music video about girls. “Taylor Swift sings about men in every single song and video, and no one complains that she’s unoriginal,” the former Disney Channel star said.
Swift defended the artist, who is open about her sexuality, saying that listeners should be supportive of Kiyoko’s art, as it is about her “romantic narrative.” “It’s her right to call out anyone who has double standards about gay vs straight love interests,” she wrote in a Tumblr post.
Kiyoko previously appeared on Swift’s “Reputation Tour.” She appears alongside Swift once again, but this time in an important music video that recognizes members of the LGBTQ community and Asian Americans such as Kiyoko. The 28-year-old wrote how proud she is to be a part of the music video in an Instagram post, and that there is more work that needs to be done.

“We have so much to be proud of, but still have so much further to go. Thank you Taylor for using your platform to bring awareness to these issues,” she wrote.
Featured Image via Instagram / hayleykiyoko (Left), YouTube / Taylor Swift (Right)
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