Hayao Miyazaki sparks excitement with hint at ‘Nausicaa’ sequel

Hayao Miyazaki sparks excitement with hint at ‘Nausicaa’ sequelHayao Miyazaki sparks excitement with hint at ‘Nausicaa’ sequel
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A new documentary that chronicles Hayao Miyazaki’s development of his latest film features a series of portraits from his first animated hit “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind,” sparking speculation among fans about a possible sequel.
The portraits: The reveal occurred in the latest episode of Japanese public broadcaster NHK’s “Professional-Work Style” docuseries, about Miyazaki‘s latest animated feature, “The Boy and the Heron.” In the episode’s conclusion, Miyazaki was shown painting a scene of Nausicaa and her fox-squirrel Teto on the shoulder of one of the God Warriors. As he paints, he grumbles, “It’s a pain, coming back to this world,” reported SoraNews24.
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Sparking speculation: The surprise appearance sparked speculation among fans about a potential sequel, considering that “Nausicaa” originated as a manga series with unfinished plot elements. While the documentary did not confirm any future projects related to the portraits, fans are hopeful for a continuation of the beloved story, known for its cautionary tale about humanity’s arrogance and environmental disregard in a fictional world.
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About “Nausicaa”: Released in 1984, “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” follows protagonist Nausicaa, a princess who explores a toxic jungle created after an apocalyptic war in the hopes of forging peace between its inhabiting mutant insects and humankind. While the film was produced ahead of the creation of Miyazaki’s animation company, it is generally considered as a Studio Ghibli work, being released as part of the Studio Ghibli Collection DVD and Blu-ray range.
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