Hawaiian Princess Finally Marries Partner of Over 20 Years

Hawaiian Princess Finally Marries Partner of Over 20 YearsHawaiian Princess Finally Marries Partner of Over 20 Years
At 91, Hawaiian princess and heiress to the House of Kawānanakoa, Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike Kawananakoa showed that it’s never too late to tie the knot after she exchanged marriage vows with her 63-year-old partner, Veronica Gail Worth, of 21 years.
The royal marriage announcement revealed that the couple “could not be happier to have sanctified their longtime loving relationship,” according to Hawaii News Now.
Heiress Kawananakoa gave her thanks to close friends and loved ones for wishing them “a long healthy and happy marriage together.”
Image via Flickr/ Thomas Tunsch (CC BY 2.0)
However, the build up to the Hawaiian heiress’ marriage wasn’t without controversy as she was wrapped around a court case involving her massive $200 million trust fund.
According to Forbes, Kawananakoa’s longtime attorney James Wright requested the probate court to let him manage the heiress’ trust fund since he claimed that Kawananakoa was unfit to do so herself.
Wright claimed that Kawananakoa’s partner was allegedly abusing her and even accused Worth of leaving some bruises on the heiress. Despite Wright’s allegations, the Hawaiian heiress not only denied the physical abuse claims, she also fired back at Wright stating that he only wants to “seize control of all my assets.”
Kawananakoa fired Wright shortly after as she insisted that she’s still physically capable of handling her hefty assets on her own. As for the Hawaiian heiress’ partner, Worth is entitled to receive about $700,000 annually and is also a beneficiary of Kawananakoa’s trust fund.
The Hawaiian heiress announced that she hopes to continue her “lifelong mission of supporting the Hawaiian people and my many other charitable causes.”
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