Student Rejected for Harvard’s Early Admission Makes Fire ‘Please Let Me In’ Rap Video


An Asian man created a rap video titled “Harvard Please Let Me In” after his admission to one of the most prestigious universities in the world was deferred.

Ethan Kim filmed a rap music video where he pleads for Harvard University to let him attend the school. In the last part of the song’s chorus, Kim raps, “Harvard, admit me, you know you want to / Just you wait and see how much I can do.”


Kim was deferred back in December, according to Carson Philbin, the videographer and editor of the music video.

“It was a long shot. And even now, the chances of being admitted after a deferral are extremely low… but not impossible,” he wrote in the caption of his YouTube post.

In October 2019, Harvard University was accused of discrimination against Asian Americans, however, a federal judge ruled against the accusation.

There was also a study published in September 2019 claiming that 43% of Harvard’s White students got accepted into the university through loopholes, whereas only about 16% of African American, Latino, and Asian American students were accepted through similar means.

Feature Image Screenshot via Carson Philbin

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