NYC man arrested after terrorizing Asian neighbors with slurs, physical threats for over a year

NYC man arrested after terrorizing Asian neighbors with slurs, physical threats for over a year

March 7, 2022
An East Harlem resident was arrested last week for allegedly terrorizing his neighbors with physical violence and anti-Asian remarks for more than a year.
Marlon Carr, 47, was arrested on Friday morning at The Smile, a residential building located at 158 East 126th St., following an alleged incident with his 39-year-old Asian neighbor, law enforcement sources told the New York Post.
Carr’s neighbor, whose name was not revealed, lived on the fifth floor of their building. He was about to step inside the elevator when he reportedly heard a loud sound and saw Carr, who yelled, “Chinaman, Wuhan b*tch. I’m glad it’s killing you.”
Their building’s manager tried to intervene, but he was allegedly punched in the chest before he called the authorities. Carr reportedly barricaded himself inside his apartment after the encounter. He was arrested 20 minutes later.
Several residents came forward to tell the police about their previous encounters with Carr. In a previous incident, Carr allegedly accosted a 22-year-old Chinese neighbor outside her apartment on Feb. 21.
In a statement, the woman claimed that Carr called her a “Wuhan b*tch” and yelled “Suck my d*ck.” She also said, I emailed the building manager and I told the front desk about this. They were trying to figure out what to do. They [couldn’t] do anything because of the law. But now that he physically attacked someone, they arrested him.”
She added that Carr “got crazy” and started hurling racial insults after learning that someone had called the authorities. 
In another previous incident, Carr allegedly yelled slurs at and threatened his 31-year-old gay Asian neighbor with physical violence.
They called it the ‘floor of terror,’ that’s how scared these people were,” an official told the New York Post. “These people were afraid to come out of their own home.”
Carr has been charged with assault as a hate crime, aggravated harassment as a hate crime and menacing. Authorities also discovered that the suspect has nine prior arrests, including assault with a weapon and grand larceny.
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