Indian Man Who Beat His Pregnant Wife Gets The Beatdown of His Life By Father-In-Law

Indian Man Who Beat His Pregnant Wife Gets The Beatdown of His Life By Father-In-LawIndian Man Who Beat His Pregnant Wife Gets The Beatdown of His Life By Father-In-Law
A video of an Indian man who was mercilessly beaten in the middle of the road went viral on Monday angering many, but when the truth behind the attack came to light, many found themselves changing their perspective. 
According to Times of India, Hardik Bharwad of Ahmedabad, India was beaten in the street by his father-in-law and other men after he assaulted his wife, Ratan Bharwad. 
Bharwad reportedly beat his wife in March after he demanded a car from her family. The wife, who was also pregnant, was left with a severely bruised eye and suffered a miscarriage. The couple previously had a daughter.
After she was beaten by her husband, Ratan Bharwad ran home to her family but was followed by her husband who tried to assault her again in her family’s home. Ratan Bharwad’s father, Rambhai Bharwad, had had enough of his son-in-law’s abuse.
“She can’t see with her left eye,” Rambhai Bharwad said. Hardik Bharwad reportedly had a history of domestic violence against his wife throughout the years they were married and allegedly married another woman in secret. Unfortunately, Ratan Bharwad stuck with Hardik Bharwad to keep her daughter’s father in her life. Rambhai Bharwad told Times of India:
“The strife was caused by Hardik’s secret marriage two years ago even when the couple was already blessed with a baby girl. We had filed a complaint against him then. But persuaded by Ratan, who did not want to deprive her kid of a father, we did not pursue the matter further.”
After the incident at Ratan Bharwad’s family home, cousins and other relatives, led by Rambhai Bharwad, caught Hardik Bharwad as he was trying to get into his car. The group of men then beat Hardik Bharwad with sticks and damaged his car. The group eventually stopped when Ratan Bharwad intervened to rescue her husband.
Hardik Bharwad admitted himself to a private hospital in Ahmedabad where he filed a complaint against Rambhai Bharwad and his relatives for assaulting him in the street. In turn, Rambhai Bharwad and his family have filed a complaint against Hardik Bharwad for demanding a dowry and the physical and mental abuse he inflicted on his wife.
So far, four people have been arrested in the family dispute. Local police inspector DD Sodha added:
“Hardik will soon be questioned and arrested. We are checking his health condition.”
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