Cardi B Under Fire Over ‘Hindu Goddess’ Pose on Magazine Cover

Rapper Cardi B sparked outrage after imitating a Hindu goddess for the cover of Footwear News magazine while promoting her Reebok sneaker line.

Cardi B, 28, posed as the multi-limb Goddess Durga while holding the Reebok sneaker she is promoting, according to The Hindu.

Many social media users accused her of disrespecting the goddess, who is considered as the mother of the universe and a protector of “all that is good and harmonious in the world,” according to Learn Religions.

The Goddess Durga is often depicted riding a lion or a tiger with weapons in her eight to ten arms. She also represents war and strength, Vulture reported.

Some claimed the promotion was disrespectful to the religion because shoes are not allowed inside temples.

Cardi B took down the photos from her social media accounts and posted an apology video to her fans on Nov. 11.

“When I did the shoot, the creatives told me I was going to represent a Goddess; that she represents strength, femininity and liberation, and that’s something I love and I’m all about,” she said in a video message. “And though it was dope, if people think I’m offending their culture or their religion I want to say that was not my intent. I do not like offending anyone’s religion; I wouldn’t like it if someone did it to my religion.”

“When people dress as Virgin Mary and Jesus, as long as they do it in a beautiful, graceful way. But I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful; maybe I should have done my research. I’m sorry, I can’t change the past but I will do more research for the future,” the rapper added.

This is not the first time Cardi B was embroiled in controversy. In July, she faced major backlash over her use of “ch*nky eyes” in an Instagram reply.

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