Hardcore Gamer Parents in China Name Their Daughter After Popular Mobile Game

Hardcore Gamer Parents in China Name Their Daughter After Popular Mobile Game
Kyle Encina
By Kyle Encina
September 5, 2017
One couple in Shaanxi Province, China decided to name their daughter after “Honor of Kings”, a popular fantasy mobile game that has taken the country by storm.
The parents didn’t just pick a name that closely resembled “Honor of Kings”, they used the exact four Chinese characters of the game’s title as their daughter’s birth name.
According to South China Morning Post, the birth document processed on August 7 included the daughter’s name, gender and bore the seal of the Xi’an police department, indicating that the case occurred in Shaanxi’s capital city, but the rest of the details are blurred out.
Image via The Paper
Authorities explained that the relevant documents will still be issued if the Chinese parents insist on naming their daughter after the mobile game. Officials revealed that the police are “powerless” when it comes to intervening with the Chinese parent’s wishes.
“Honor of Kings” is such a nationwide phenomenon that its game developers, Tencent Holdings, had to place restrictions in the game to limit the play time of users age 12 and under to just an hour a day, according to Straits Times.
Players between 12-18 years old only get an additional hour of playtime, but even that isn’t enough for the game’s loyal fans. However, students have found a workaround by purchasing fake online IDs for about $2 each, which grants them unlimited playtime.
If young players are willing to go that far to play their beloved mobile game, one can only imagine how much more they’ll be willing to go when they grow up. If this keeps up, then the future might soon be filled with people who are named after video games.
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