Chinese College Poisons All Dogs at a Nearby Shelter, Leaves Owner in Tears

China’s treatment of animals has always been a concern for animal lovers around the world.
One such case is illustrated in a heartbreaking video of a crying woman from China which has gone viral on Facebook. The grieving woman, identified only as Aunt Zhao, is reportedly agonizing the loss of her several dogs after being poisoned by the security personnel of a Chinese college.
Aunt Zhao is known for adopting and caring for stray dogs in her shelter home. All the dogs that she has loved and cared for over the years, however, have become victims of extreme cruelty after being poisoned to death. According to the post published by 李骏豪, the security guards at Harbin Sports College poisoned the woman’s pets because the college wanted to celebrate their ‘anniversary’ the day after.
In the short clip, Aunt Zhao is shown crying in pain while looking at her poisoned dogs. Her family and close friends attest how dedicated and committed she was in taking care of her beloved dogs.  
It will not be easy seeking justice for Aunt Zhao’s dogs as China still currently has no animal-welfare laws. Animal-protection laws have been introduced in the past but all attempts have failed to make progress.
“It happens because China has never passed a single animal protection law, the lack of which has fostered subcultures of animal cruelty since any and all animal abuse is fully legal, and total corruption among Chinese officials and authorities,” the post stated.

The post’s publisher also made a call to action to Chinese concerned citizens to help fight animal abuse.
“For the sake of the good people of China and their animals, which are victimized and silenced by the mobs of abusers and corrupt, lethargic authorities, the international community must get involved,” it concluded.
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