Disturbing Video Shows Men Sexually Harassing Young Asian Girl in France

A video on Twitter showing what appears to be two men in a playground allegedly harassing and inappropriately speaking to a young Asian girl has caused a massive uproar on French social media.

The original tweet has been taken down since it was first shared by French Twitter user @anm7518 on March 19. But @lxlolilolxl_ was able to screengrab it.

“« Tu veux ma bite dans ta teuch, le coran Jvai te baiser arrête de pleurer » elle a même pas 5 ans j’ai vraiment honte sur ma génération,” the original tweet read.

The tweet loosely translates to: “‘You want my d*ck in your p*ssy, the koran I f*ck you stop crying’ she is not even 5 years old I’m really ashamed of my generation.”

@lxlolilolxl_ also shared the original video, which received hundreds of retweets, before France’s National Police demanded that she take the video down.

Twitter user @RightTingWakes was able to tweet a version of the video with English subtitles.

“You want my d*ck in your p*ssy? Come on, get down with her. It’s fine, I gonna f*ck you, stop crying. On the Quran I’m gonna f*ck you. Wallah I’m gonna f*ck you, stop crying,” one of the men says while grabbing the little girl’s left arm.

The French police urged netizens to report illegal content on the Web by logging on to Pharos, a dedicated portal developed by Thales for the Ministry of the Interior.

NextShark could not independently verify the authenticity of the video.

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