Overachiever Tells Asian Mom She ‘Failed’ Her Math Test, Gets a Beautiful Reply

When I was in middle school, my mother was eager to know how I did on an important math test.
Fortunately, it appears that not all Asian parents are extremely hung up on how their kids perform at school. A twitter user by the name of Hannah Cho provided this when she tweeted a reply she got from her month after she “failed” her exam (she actually got a “B”, but anything lower than an “A” is just as bad as an “F” for Asian parents).
Cho’s mother’s response was so heartwarming that it went viral and collectively touch the hearts of the people in the twittersphere.
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“I don’t care if you fail your math test … I don’t care if you get below 1,00 on [your] SAT … I don’t care if your GPA is under 2.0 … I don’t care if you get accepted to Stanford … BUT … I care if you cry … I care if you are stressed … I care if you are unhappy … I care when you get hungry even if you get hungry every two hours (I admit, it can get tiring feeding you constantly) … But I love you.”
For those of you wondering, Cho made sure to note that she was a good student.
She also gave an explanation of why her mother is on Snapchat.
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