Hotel in China Opens Hotpot-Themed Hot Spring with Actual Veggies

A hotel in Hangzhou city, Zheijiang province, China just upped the hot spring game by opening a hotpot-themed bath that comes with what appears to be real vegetables and fruits.


The hotel redesigned one of its hot spring pools to make it look like one large hotpot, according to Shanghaiist. It divided the pool into several sections, filling each one of them with several contents including vegetables and fruits like lettuces, chili peppers, mushrooms, apples, and bananas to name a few.

Guests can take a dip in the pool while they munch down on meat skewers and drinks.

SCMP reported that the hotel aims to promote a healthy lifestyle now that Chinese New Year is coming.

However, this isn’t the only hotpot-themed hot spring in the country. Last year, a popular tourist spot opened its first-ever Sichuan-style hotpot-themed hot spring, but instead of real vegetables, they used plastic ones as props.

Featured image screenshot via YouTube / South China Morning Post

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