Philly Restauranteur Rushed to ER After Assault By Racists Yelling ‘Ching Chong’

Philly Restauranteur Rushed to ER After Assault By Racists Yelling ‘Ching Chong’Philly Restauranteur Rushed to ER After Assault By Racists Yelling ‘Ching Chong’
A Philadelphia restaurateur has been left with a broken ankle after a fight broke out in front of his restaurant on Thursday night.
At approximately 11 p.m., Han Chiang, owner of Han Dynasty restaurant and several workers were outside taking a cigarette break when a group of four men and several women walked by them. As the workers were about to head back into, one person in the group allegedly yelled out “ching chong china” at them.
“I turned around and said, ‘Fuck you, you racist motherfucker,’” Chiag told PhillyMag. “The guy denied saying it, then his friend Ian jumped in and hit me with a skateboard.”
A fight then broke out between the two groups. Mark Allan, Chiang’s business partner, described the scene as a “human centipede of headlocks.”
Eventually, Chiang was pushed to the ground and the fight broke up. He was taken to the Pennsylvania Hospital ER and and was told he had a fractured fibula.
The group who spewd the racist taunt at Chiang had apparently been at a wedding and were drinking at 2nd Story Brewing, the bar next boor, before they were thrown out. The brewpub’s GM says the group ordered a round of drinks but didn’t finish them. When they tried to order a second round, the bar staff cut them off and asked them to leave. They allegedly left “disgruntled,” according to the GM.
Ian Carroll, the man who allegedly hit Chiang with the skateboard, wrote the following message on Han Dynasty’s Facebook page.
Han Dynasty immediately issued a response to defend themselves.
Netizens pointed out that Carroll also works in the restaurant industry at Garces Group. When contacted for comment, a Garces Group rep said: “Garces does not tolerate discrimination or bigotry within our organization. This type of behavior is unacceptable and does not represent the views of our company.”
“It was a small thing being [blown] out of proportion,” Ian Carroll told BillyPenn. “Wish none of it would have happened. I hope Han is ok.”
Unfortunately, this is not Chiang’s first experience with racism, last November, he said he was assaulted by seven men who had asked if he had any General Tso’s chicken.
“If they asked me inside the restaurant, fine. But I was standing outside minding my own business. I said, ‘Fuck you, you racist piece of shit!’ and one of them sucker-punched me.”
While no police reports were filed, a resident of the area, who is a frequent customer at Han Dynasty and asked not to be identified, described Chiang to NextShark as “a well respected restaurateur in this area. There was no reason for them to start the fight.” 
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