Fight Breaks Out on Train After ‘Asian Karen’ Saves Seat for Her Hamster

Fight Breaks Out on Train After ‘Asian Karen’ Saves Seat for Her Hamster
Bryan Ke
September 9, 2020
An owner of a pet hamster and an elderly man got into a fight after the owner gave her hamster priority seat on a train in Taiwan over the weekend.
The incident occurred in a Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) train bound for Xike Station in New Taipei City at around 5:25 p.m. on Sept. 5, Taiwan News reported.
In the video, an elderly man can be seen having an argument with a young woman, branded by some as a “Karen” on social media, who placed her hamster cage in the priority seat of the train. The man confronted the woman and asked her, “Did your pet buy a ticket?”
However, the woman told the elderly man “You’re crazy” and “Stop meddling.”
The exchange went on as the man called the woman “crazy” and accused her of a “blatant insult.”
The altercation escalated when the man grabbed the woman’s hamster cage from the seat. She started punching the elderly man which prompted other passengers on the train to intervene.
One passenger was successful in calming the situation. The woman was the first to leave the scene in tears and the elderly man called for security to deal with the incident, Liberty Times reported.
TRA regulations allow pet owners to board the train with their pets, but they have to be inside a cage and must be placed under their seats.
Featured Image Screenshot via 劉譽恬 (left), Kim Green (right)
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