Rich People Are Paying This Man $10,000 a Month to Torture Them

Rich People Are Paying This Man $10,000 a Month to Torture ThemRich People Are Paying This Man $10,000 a Month to Torture Them
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May 2, 2016
Most people who want to look their best by eating healthy and getting in shape often struggle due to lack of motivation, direction and commitment.
That’s why wealthy people call 26-year-old Hamid Castro, a health and relationship guru who claims he can help improve anyone’s emotional, mental and physical well-being for $10,000 to $15,000 per month.
His main task is to force his clients to work out when they need to, ensure they have the right diet and wear proper clothes using his unique brand of “tormenting” motivation, according to a post he wrote on Thrillist. This can include screaming at clients to remind them of what food to eat and when to exercise.
“I give them the feeling of being the fat kids in third grade that everybody makes fun of,” said Castro. “I get them working hard enough that they run into the bathroom and puke. That’s a good thing.”
Castro, who calls himself “Hitch on steroids,” discovered his innate ability to help transform people as he was graduating from New York University in 2011 and trying to get hired on Wall Street.
“I worked intensely with a couple of Wall Street guys that I met while interviewing for an entry-level trader’s job. I got them looking good and turned down their job offer,” he wrote.
Castro realized then that he would be earning more by pushing Wall Street men to get into shape than getting an office job that earns $65,000 a year.
A new client, however, would pave the way for his specialized approach toward training people.
Castro wrote: “I got a call from a trader we’ll call Tom. He was a big boy, standing 6’2″ and weighing 340lb. He told me he was getting married in 12 weeks and wanted to lose 100lb. He lived with his fiancée and she wouldn’t sleep in the same room as him. She blamed it on his snoring. I blamed it on the fact that he was enormous.”
Due to the client’s requirements, Castro needed to apply a more hands-on approach and suggested he live with his client. After moving in, he began his tough motivation style that included using mind games to keep his client eating right and exercising. On the client’s wedding day, he had lost a total of 85 pounds. Castro also got a well-deserved bonus.
From there, he continued building his business of pushing people through unorthodox but effective methods to achieve their goals.
Castro thanks his clients — “the fat guys” — for everything that he owns in life. His one-of-a-kind service earns him about $600,000 a year.
“I have a closet full of perfectly tailored Brioni suits, a black American Express card, and a Maserati in the garage,” he wrote.
He continued: “See this watch? It cost me $30,000, and it’s the one I wear when I’m dressing down.”
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