Singapore’s First Female President is So Badass She Got Her Own Emoji

Singapore’s new president Halimah Yacob isn’t just the country’s first female head of state, she’s also the first female leader in the world to have her very own emoji.

Yacob, 63, is now Singapore’s first Malay president in over 47 years.

The president-elect went against two other candidates but was chosen after both of her opponents failed to meet a criteria necessary to become eligible as the country’s leader.

According to Mashable, Twitter users who place the hashtags #HalimahYacob, #MdmPresident or #PresidentHalimah in their tweets will include an emoji that strikingly resembles Singapore’s first female president, from her hijab to her signature spectacles.

Yacob’s new emoji also represents the country’s national colors including the ubiquitous star seen on Singapore’s flag.

Although, some Twitter users felt that President Halimah was specifically selected for the position instead of being elected since she was the only viable candidate.

Other Twitter users celebrated the historic moment regardless, with overflowing tweets of the President Halimah emoji, which was designed by Singapore-based media company Mothership.

President Yacob isn’t the only one with her own emoji, though, as several famous personalities have launched their own images as well, including Ellen DeGeneres, Olympian Gabby Douglas, actor Charlie Sheen and comedian Kevin Hart among others, according to Vanity Fair.

The Singapore government opted to have a Malay leader this year to allow ethnic minority groups to be represented in the country that’s populated mostly with Chinese citizens. The last Malay leader that presided over the country was Devan Nair who took office over four decades ago.

Featured Image  via YouTube / Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore

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