Racist Driver Attacks Asian American Mom With Hate Speech in Front of Her Children

Racist Driver Attacks Asian American Mom With Hate Speech in Front of Her Children

May 29, 2018
A woman in northern California is sharing her experience with a road raging driver who used hate speech in front of her two young children, the
In a Facebook post that has since caught the attention of the online community, Sandra Lee recounted how she was driving in Half Moon Bay over the Memorial Day weekend with her husband and two children, a five-year-old and a 10-month-old baby, when a driver, allegedly in the wrong lane, began spewing hate speech at the family.
Lee wrote:
“This lady is on the wrong lane trying to make a right while we are on a green light going straight. She started yelling out, you f b!$&;$! Go back to China! She was shouting at us the whole time until we were able to change to different lane to avoid any trouble.”
In videos posted to Facebook, the driver, a woman driving a Dodge minivan, can be heard yelling,  “Go back to your country, bitch” and “Bye China,” laughing with who appears to be a male passenger as the family drives by.
Lee was furious after the incident, shocked that after seeing other stories of similar incidents and hearing of it happening to her friend that it finally happened to her.
“I’m beyond furious knowing that my kids had heard all the swearing and what racism is like. I’m so sad to see such a hatred around our country. It was just last week when a friend of mine went through something similar. I had no idea this would happen to my family.”
As a mother, she felt as if she had to explain to her oldest child what exactly happened. For now, Lee only wants her post to bring awareness to the community in hopes that the consequences of hateful speech will prevent it from happening again.
“Being silent might get you by that day. But will it end? We can not change the way these people think. But I really hope that this video along with rest of other similar videos will teach these people that there are consequences [and] hopefully SHUT them up.”
Images  via FaceBook / Sandra Lee
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