Chinese Girls Have a Hilarious Solution to Keep Perverts Away

How do some Chinese ladies keep perverts at bay? Apparently, by grossing them out with an unsightly pair of hairy legs. And since keeping gruesome legs may not be ideal for any one’s hygiene, someone came up with the next best thing: hairy stockings!

First appearing on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, the so-called “Anti-pervert” hairy stockings from China have become a viral sensation.

According to user @HappyZhangJiang, the creepy-looking apparel is a must-have for going out.

“Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out,” she wrote.


Unfortunately, however, it was not included in the post whether you can buy them. Mashable further notes that it’s unclear whether they’re even for sale.

For all we know, it could even be a prank. Either way, that didn’t stop the internet from having a field day about it.

On the level of hideousness, most netizens agree, according to Chinasmack:

“This will not only prevent against perverts, it’ll definitely also result in preventing handsome guys from approaching you. When things go to the extreme, they can only go the opposite direction!!!” one Weibo user commented.

“Too lifelike, this is manlier than the average man…” said another.

“Damn, so disgusting!!!” wrote one user.

Some pointed out the silliness of it quite perfectly:

“No one will wear them, at least not girls,” one said.

“If it has come to this, why not just wear pants? So unnecessary,” another one wrote.

Feature Image via Tora Chu

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