Son Epically Trolls His Parents After 3 Years Away From Home And Losing 45 Pounds

Hadi Wibawa is student studying in London from Medan, Indonesia. He hasn’t been home to see his family for the last three years due to school.

Wibawa has also lost 45 pounds since going to London to study.

Since he hasn’t seen his family in a while, he decided to go back to surprise them and see whether they’d recognize him. He secretly flew back home and had his brother pick him up from the airport. 

Then his brother proceeded to invite their parents to lunch. 

They went to the restaurant prior to their parents arriving to set the stage. Wibawa’s brothers sat at one table.

…While Hadi sat at the table just right next to them. 

Soon, their parents arrived…

After they order food, their mother catches a glimpse of the “stranger”.

And almost immediately…

The father chimes in and immediately says no.

The father then leaves to the restroom and the mother keeps staring at the “stranger” and starts to go crazy.

She finally realizes that the stranger really is her son and immediately calls him over for the long awaited reunion. 

You can never fool a mother…

Now it’s time to prank the father.

The mother then asks.


But then the dad takes a closer look…

As Hadi turns around, the father starts to come to his senses. 

Then almost immediately, the dad realizes the truth…

The family is back together…

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