Loyal Dog in China Waits 12 Hours a Day For Owner to Return From Work

Loyal Dog in China Waits 12 Hours a Day For Owner to Return From Work
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May 3, 2018
A dog in southwest China’s Chongqing has become a local and internet star for waiting near a subway station for its owner to return home from work every day.
Pear Video shared a video of Xiongxiong, which means little bear in Chinese, showing the adorable pooch meandering outside of Liziba station in Chongqing’s Yuzhong district while its owner goes to work and remains until he comes home.
Locals say that the 15-year-old dog is “well behaved” even though he does not have a collar and is not tied down with a leash.
“He’s well behaved and never eats anything given to him by others,” a local resident said, according to the South China Morning Post. “The dog just stays here and waits for him. It always gets extremely excited when it see its owner return each day.”
Xiongxiong just sits on the ground by the entrance and waits for about 12 hours starting at about 7 a.m. or 8 a.m. for his owner, who says that he has been taking care of the dog for nearly eight years.
“Ever since I have had Xiongxiong, he has waited for me every day,” the owner was quoted as saying.
Xiongxiong has been compared to Hachiko, a Japanese dog from the 1920s who would meet his owner every day at a train station when he comes back from work and continued to do so even after his owner died.
The pet’s loyalty has garnered the attention of online users who regularly pay him a visit.
The video, which has gained more than 10 million views, shows Xiongxiong barking and wagging his tail in excitement as he sees his owner walk out of the station.
Featured Image via YouTube / People’s Daily, China 人民日报
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