YouTuber Gets Flak After Saying BTS, ‘K-Pop Boys’ is ‘Like a Little Fetish’

Ethan Klein, the other half of the husband-wife duo H3H3Productions, is under fire for his comments on BTS and the K-pop fandom.

The 34-year-old YouTuber criticized BTS and the K-pop genre in a podcast on Dec. 9, according to Dexerto.

Ethan and his 31-year-old wife were discussing the genre while watching a video clip of BTS.

“I don’t get the BTS thing,” the YouTuber said. “I’m just going to say it right now, I don’t like K-pop. I hate K-pop. I don’t get BTS. How did this become a thing in Western culture, where all these grown men and little girls are jerking off to K-pop boys? It’s like a little fetish.”

Klein then asked “Ian the Intern” for his thoughts on the matter, and the latter said he didn’t like the genre, but “gets why people do.” Klein then continued to reiterate his point and went on to describe how “weird” K-pop fans were on Twitter and jokingly said someone will probably try to “assassinate” him for the things he has said.

After his criticism went viral, many K-pop fans immediately took to Twitter to express their own side.

Despite all the negative backlash for his comments, Klein seems to be unfazed by what happened.

Feature Image via (left, right) @h3h3productions, (inset) @h3h3productions

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