Gymnast Yul Moldauer aims to inspire adopted kids to pursue their dreams

Gymnast Yul Moldauer aims to inspire adopted kids to pursue their dreamsGymnast Yul Moldauer aims to inspire adopted kids to pursue their dreams
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Gymnast Yul Kyung-Tae Moldauer, an adoptee from South Korea, expressed pride in being an Asian American athlete and emphasized his goal to inspire other adopted children to pursue their dreams in a recent interview.
What he’s saying: Speaking to EssentiallySports, Moldauer, 27, highlighted the importance of family support and encouraged individuals regardless of their background to accomplish their dreams. The seven-time National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) individual champion also stressed the value of hard work and determination in achieving one’s goals.
“I take huge pride in being an Asian athlete,” he said. “I want to inspire not just Asians but every little kid to do gymnastics. But also being adopted as well too…I’m so grateful for the family… You can have a normal life no matter what you look like, what you believe in. If you want to come to America and accomplish your dreams, you can do it.” 
About Moldauer: Born in Seoul on Aug. 16, 1996, Moldauer was adopted by Orsa and Peter Moldauer before he turned 1. Named after Russian actor Yul Brynner, he was raised in Colorado, where he grew up at a ranch near Fort Collins.
Moldauer joined gymnastics at a local gym at age 7, and over the following years, began securing victories in state and regional competitions. Eventually, he earned a spot on the Junior National Team.
“I always told myself, no matter where I came from, what I look like or what my past is, if I make it a goal to work hard, it’s not going to be easy,” Moldauer said. “It’ll be crazy at times, but if I really want it that bad, I can accomplish anything.”
Along with U.S. men gymnasts, Moldauer ended a medal drought at the 2023 World Gymnastics Championships with a bronze finish.
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