Guy Fails To Give His Girlfriend an iPhone 7 Like He Promised, Offers Her Something Else Instead

One guy in China failed to give his girlfriend the iPhone 7 he promised, but that doesn’t mean he had nothing to give.
Instead, he bought his beloved a ring, leading to a proposal right in front of an Apple store.
The young man from Shenzhen saved money for an entire year to buy his girlfriend an iPhone 7, Apple Daily reported. According to the outlet, the woman had been using an outdated local smartphone for years.
Then the man finally took her to an Apple store last week, but as she expected to get her hands on the latest handset, her boyfriend dropped on one knee and informed her that his money was not enough to buy her dream phone.
That’s when he revealed that he spent everything he saved for a ring.
The unexpected proposal turned to the man’s favor as he received a yes.
While this proposal sounds like another addition to our list of successful ones, some questioned its reality, according to Shanghaiist. The outlet took note of some comments:
“Bullshit. This couple was obviously just hired by Xiaomi and Huawei.”
“So, is this ad for the iPhone 7 or is it an ad for Darry Ring?”
Yet another thought the girl won’t give up on the iPhone 7 just yet:
“Once they get home, the girl will say she wants an Iphone 7. After all: You promised to buy me one! Don’t go back on your word!”
The couple, noted to be recent graduates, had been dating for seven years.
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