Budget guru TikToker shares Costco ‘hack’ that allows customers to return years-old purchases

Image: @bougiecheapskate~
  • Tiktok user @bougiecheapskate shared a video about Costco Wholesale’s return policy that allows customers to return items even after the 90 day limit since their purchase.
  • To demonstrate, she acted out a scenario as both a customer attempting to exchange a five-year-old coffee maker and a store employee.
  • The TikToker encourages viewers to claim Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee in order to replace selected nonfunctioning products with newer ones.

A self-proclaimed budget expert highlighted a Costco Wholesale return policy that allows customers to return items well past 90 days since their purchase. 

To demonstrate, the finance influencer, who goes by the handle @bougiecheapskate on TikTok, acted out a scenario wherein she pretends to return a five-year-old coffee maker to Costco customer service in a video posted to her account on March 15.

“Hi Costco, my coffee maker isn’t working anymore,” she says as the customer. 

“That coffee maker looks like it’s about five years old,” she responds as the employee.

“Yup. And I’d like to claim Costco’s 100% satisfaction guarantee,” she replies. “Since I’m no longer satisfied with this product, I’d like to return it so I can buy the newer model.”

Acting as the store employee again, the money saving expert says, “Makes sense! There are a few exceptions to that rule, but coffee makers are covered. I can help you get that return started.”

According to Costco’s return policy page, the retailer offers a “risk-free 100% satisfaction guarantee” refund on the merchandise they sell, with exceptions that include certain electronics, diamonds and cigarettes and alcohol.

The video has garnered over a million views, as of this writing. With a following of over 300,000, user @bougiecheapskate is known for her “expensive taste on a budget” hacks on  TikTok. 

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