The ‘World’s Most Dangerous Village’ is in China

China is home to what’s being called the “World’s Most Dangerous Village” and true enough to its title, it’s not for the faint of heart.
High in the Taihang Mountains of Henan province lies the village of Guoliang, a community that’s almost “forgotten” due to its inaccessibility. Tourists hoping to visit must first go through a tunnel cut into the side of one of the world’s steepest cliffs.
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This tunnel was built by Guoliang’s residents in the 1970s as a better transport link to the nearby cities of Huixian and Xinxiang, according to Sputnik. At 1,200 meters, it took 13 strong villagers five years to finish construction.
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Looking from a distance, it’s not surprising to find that this tunnel is locally known as “the road that does not tolerate any mistakes.”
Prior to the tunnel’s construction, the village was accessed only by a “Sky Ladder,” which had 720 nearly-vertical steps. Guoliang is 1,752 meters above the ground, nearly a fifth of Mt. Everest’s height.
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Home to about 350 people, the village’s houses are exclusively made of stone, according to China Highlights. Chairs, tables, walls, and even kitchen utensils are also made of stone.
Little did the villagers know that their home would soon become a tourist attraction. Today, Guoliang has hotels, bridges and walkways accommodating tourists, and a slew of stairs are up to stay.
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