Official ‘Gundam’ Collaboration Sneakers are Now Going For $47

What a great time to be alive, is probably what a “Gundam” and sneakerhead would say after hearing that the official mobile suit collaboration sneakers with Chinese company 361 Degrees are now available for purchase, Kotaku reported.

The new line of sneakers, which were launched in the Chinese company’s official Taobao store, is inspired by the two popular models of the mobile suit franchise: the RX-78-2 Gundam and the MS-065 Zaku II.

via 361 Degrees Taobao

There are six different designs in total – three for the RX-78-2-inspired sneakers and the other is for the Zaku II.

via Instagram / 361degrees_china

The Chinese company recreated the sneakers to make them look similar to its source material as possible, but the most notable design here is probably the identical color coding they used on the sneakers which are white, blue, red, and yellow for the RX-78-2 and the red, black, and violet for the Zaku II.

via Instagram / 361degrees_china
via Instagram / 361degrees_china

They also offer a bundle of products that includes the “Gundam” sneakers with other merchandise like a shirt.

via 361 Degrees Taobao

Head over to 361 Degrees’ official store to check their other apparels. Prices for the sneakers start at 329 Chinese yuan ($47) to 399 yuan ($57).

Featured image via Instagram / 361degrees_china

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