Japanese Scientists Create Technology to Control Small Gundam Robots With Their Minds


Japanese researchers have created a mind-controllable Gundam robot, turning one of the anime’s most exciting technological concepts into reality.

The model, based on the mobile suit Zaku, has been available through Bandai’s Zeonic Technics package since last year, but that version requires manual programming on a smartphone app.

This time, Neu, a joint venture between Tohoku University and Hitachi, has developed a prototype that moves in response to brain activity.

Image Screenshot via NeU

The innovation is based on Psycommu, a control mechanism in the “Gundam” metaverse’s Universal Century timeline that allows Newtype pilots to mentally manipulate their mobile suits.

Image Screenshot via NeU

Neu’s technology features a headband-like device that syncs with the robot. It sends data to the Zeonic Technics app, which then triggers the model’s movements.

Image Screenshot via NeU

Sensors in the device measure three different levels of brain activity. Each level corresponds to a particular movement sequence, according to SoraNews24.

Check it out in action:


The current Zaku package requires assembly and aims to educate users on the basics of robotics and programming principles, according to Zeonic.

The kit allows for testing and studying movements at every stage of development. It starts with the head — whose mono-eye is tested for movement and light emission — and ends with the legs, which undergo a walk test.

Featured Image Screenshot via NeU

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