‘Badass’ Chinese Hostage Rescue Drill Isn’t Fooling Anyone

If you’re ever held hostage at an airport, you might be able to count on the border police in China’s Guangxi region to rescue you if you think they’re latest video shows they are up to the task. The police force released a “realistic” hostage rescue drill to get you to safety, but something about it makes us think reality isn’t as easy — or ridiculous.
The drill simulates the scenario of rescuing hostages,” the video, posted by China’s Xinhua news agency, starts off.
In one scenario, armed men have taken over a customs line, while one of them yells “I want money! Stay back!
Police officers reach their designated positions” as the suspects continue to scream at the top of their lungs.
A group of officers (loudly) sneaks behind the gunmen, who seemingly don’t hear them, and simultaneously subdues them to the ground as they pry the weapons out of their fingers. The culprits are handcuffed and taken away screaming.
The next scenario shows an unarmed suspect pulling a feeble flying kick on three armed soldier — he gets tripped backwards by one of the officers and is quickly subdued.
The last drill sees the police officers preparing to kick down a double-door, and behind it a man charges at them with a realistic knife prop.
Police officers test their abilities of negotiating with hostage takers, hunting gunmen, and handling emergencies,” the video notes.
The rescue drill has racked up more than 1,500 views on YouTube, with one user commenting:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. This only happens when if the hostage-takers are the most stupid people on the planet and don’t know how to hold a gun. Nice one Chinese police force.
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