Groom Sues Runaway Bride in New York for Taking $287,000 in Cash and Wedding Gifts With Her

Groom Sues Runaway Bride in New York for Taking $287,000 in Cash and Wedding Gifts With Her

March 19, 2018
A runaway bride-to-be is facing a lawsuit from her fiance, whom she left at the altar after she allegedly took $287,000 in cash and gifts with her.
Seeking to retrieve his betrothal bounty, abandoned groom Jin Dong decided to file a case at Manhattan Supreme Court against his ex, Yu-Qing Weng, and her parents, the New York Post reports.
The New York-based couple, both originally from Fujian, China, planned a January 2017 wedding at a Queens banquet hall after getting engaged in 2016.
Dong noted in his lawsuit that in accordance with Chinese customs and tradition, he paid six figures for the wedding costs and gifts. He further explained that his friends and family pooled their resources to afford the amount.
The lawsuit broke down the expenditure as follows: $55,833 on the venue, $3,300 for wedding photos, $1,800 for a master of ceremonies, $4,000 for a wedding procession, and $1,000 for the cake. Dong also paid his future parents-in-law a dowry amounting to $63,000, with an additional $5,300 “gift of appreciation” for the would-be mother-in-law.
Even his ex’s brother and grandmother received $2,000 each, which the suit noted was for the “anticipation of the contemplated legal marriage.”
Court documents revealed that Weng also got $110,000 in cash plus “exquisite betrothal gold jewelry valued at approximately $40,000.”
In August, shortly after the couple had a sumptuous banquet, she “left the home she shared with Jin Dong, never to return.”
The suit alleged that “Weng took all of the money and jewelry she received in anticipation of the contemplated marriage with her when she left.”
While the mom returned $1,500, Dong has demanded that the rest of the money from his ex and her relatives be returned as well.
Suspecting that the engagement has been a sham all along after they refused to give back the money, Dong filed a case to recoup the total $287,000 he spent on the party and gifts.
Dong alleged in the court document that Weng had never intended to legally marry him and that she induced him to propose to her “without any intention of keeping her promise to him in order to obtain the money and jewelry.”
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