Man Using Grinder to Write Chinese Calligraphy in Stone is Very Satisfying

A man in Eastern China has impressed social media users with his excellent use of an unconventional tool in writing calligraphy.

Su Bao’an, 53, has been practicing traditional calligraphy for 30 years.


Ten years ago, he took his practice to a whole new level when he got hold of an electric grinder.

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Since then, he has been using the tool to carve Chinese characters on stone slabs.

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Unlike normal calligraphy, Su’s electric grinder-method allows no chance for errors, requiring careful attention and dexterity.

“The machine shakes and rotates at a high speed, so you need to control it,” he said, according to NetEase. “It’s really difficult at the beginning, but I’ve become familiar with it.”

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With decades of experience under his belt, Su can now complete an average piece of calligraphy in 30 minutes. He sells each for around 1,800 yuan ($265), according to QQ.

Aside from stone calligraphy, he is able to create chopstick calligraphy as well, which earned him first prize in a local competition.

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While admired by thousands of followers, Su is unable to find anyone who can continue his legacy.

“I want to carry it forward, see if I can let everyone practice. Some people say it is difficult, [but] I am willing to have an apprentice.”

Image via Sohu News

Weibo users are lauding Su’s unprecedented talent.

“He’s great.”

“This left me speechless.”

“They’re so good.”

“He’s not afraid and writes in one go.”

“A true master.”

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