Grieving K-Pop Stars Get Together to Carry SHINee’s Jonghyun to Funeral

Grieving K-Pop Stars Get Together to Carry SHINee’s Jonghyun to Funeral
Carl Samson
December 22, 2017
Fellow SHINee members and Super Junior labelmates carried the coffin of
Jonghyun, main vocalist of the esteemed K-Pop male group, committed suicide on December 18 via carbon monoxide poisoning in his apartment in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul.
On Thursday, six of K-Pop’s most prominent stars carried his coffin from the Asan Medical Center to his funeral at an undisclosed location.
Photo: Screenshot via OSENSTORY/YouTube
The procession was led by fellow SHINee member Minho, who carried a plaque topped by a crucifix that read, “Kim Jong-Hyun, believer”.
Photo: Screenshot via 이슈사건사고/YouTube
He was followed by Jonghyun’s sister who carried a photo of her brother.
Photo: Screenshot via OSENSTORY/YouTube
Other SHINee members, Taemin, Key and Onew carried Jonghyun’s coffin from its right side.
Photo: Screenshot via 이슈사건사고/YouTube
SM Entertainment labelmates Leeteuk, Eunhyuk and Donghae of Super Junior carried from the left side.
Key cries on Onew’s shoulder. Photo: Screenshot via 이슈사건사고/YouTube
Behind Jonghyun’s remains were dozens of other K-Pop idols, including more Super Junior members, Girls Generation, EXO and Red Velvet.
Onew embraces Key. Photo: Screenshot via 이슈사건사고/YouTube
Meanwhile, swarms of fans gathered outside the hospital to bid Jonghyun goodbye. Many can be seen breaking down in tears in pictures that surfaced online.
After the funeral, Key shared a photo of his letter for Jonghyun and a ring he received as a gift from his late colleague. A translation (via Allkpop) follows.
“To Jonghyun hyung who I love,
Hyung, this is Kibum. I sent you off today and saw your face yesterday, but I still can’t believe it. I’m sorry for visiting you so late because of work, and I’m sorry I wasn’t a source of strength when you were lonely.
You and I were the two most stubborn members of our group, so we had to do everything we wanted to do. You did everthing you wanted, and in the end, you made the decision and left us first… it was really hard at first, but after spending time with only you for the past three days, I think I understand how you felt.
Don’t be too worried that you left before us. I’ll respect and look after your mom and sister like my own family.
I’ll miss you for a very long time. I’m worried because the person who always took my side at meetings is gone now. You and I talked the most during our meetings… I’ll have to get used to not having you here now.
I’m going to try living a better life too. When I get older and meet you again, tell me I did well. Jonghyun hyung, you were the best artist, friend, hyung, and colleague to me.
You worked hard, and I love you so much!”
Jonghyun decided to end his life after struggling from depression, which fans later realized he had a tattoo for.
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