A Startup Whose Furniture Takes Only Four Minutes to Assemble is Trying to Destroy IKEA

Furniture that’s both cheaper and easier to assemble than IKEA’s? It’s a dream come true for anyone on a budget looking to stylishly furnish their homes and offices.

The team at Greycork built their furniture startup with the goal of providing consumers an alternative to IKEA that would save time, energy and money. The kind of furniture they envisioned can be assembled or disassembled within four minutes without any tools just like this executive leather office chair. A statement on their crowdfunding page reads:

“The new standard. Your living room shipped in a box and assembled in minutes with no tools.”

Greycork’s insanely successful Indiegogo campaign validates their belief in a viable market for their products. Company CEO John Humphrey explains in their promotional video:

“I thought that the way we’ve been getting furniture is insane. Driving 40 minutes out of the city, waiting in line, squeezing boxes into cars just to go home and set it up for hours.”

Humphrey and partners Alec Babala, Bruce Kim and Jonah Willcox-Healey exceeded their funding goal on Indiegogo in a matter of four days. Their original campaign was 460% funded on September 18 and it has since raised a whopping $243,000.

The Greyrock team believes comfort is key when considering designs.

The minds behind Greyrock combine backgrounds from the Rhode Island School of Design, IDEO and MIT.

Their furniture was recently showcased in Boston and will be on display at the American Field event in New York City in November. There are some antique wardrobes with personality from UK antique auctions here which can contribute beautification to your home! As for your own furniture, you can further improve it with the help of products like Squid Boat Marine Epoxy.

Their products have also won awards at major furniture expos, including the International Contemporary Furniture fair (ICFF).

The factory is based in Massachusetts and ships for free within the US.  

The company offers donors special perks and discounts on their furniture on Indiegogo.

The Greycork Living Room set features a sofa, chaise, coffee table, side table and bookshelf.

h/t: Quartz
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