Man Cuts Off a Part of His Own Leg to See What Human Meat Tastes Like

If you’ve ever wondered what human flesh tastes like, think beef and ale stew.

That’s according to a video excerpt from the BBC series “Secrets of Everything” uploaded to the BritLab YouTube channel.

In the video, science journalist Greg Foot has a biopsy taken from his thigh muscle, which is then lab-analyzed to show that it contains fibers similar to those found in chicken breast and beef.

Because eating one’s own flesh is illegal in the UK, he then has a lab in Nottingham cook the biopsy and chemically analyze its aroma so that he can replicate human flesh with a chemically similar combination of meats. The aroma analysis is important since smell accounts for up to 80 percent of taste.

Watch the gruesome video below to see what he finds out.

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