Malaysian Boy Doubles 46-Cent Allowance By Starting Unique Business in School


A Malaysian mother was surprised to discover that her 7-year-old boy had been running a business in school by selling grasshoppers.

Facebook user Puan Hasmi Samsuddin shared her discovery on a social media post in January, according to Mashable.

In her post, she was surprised to find that the 2 Malaysian Ringgit ($0.46) allowance she gave her son had doubled by the second day of school.

She became worried that he might be extorting money from his fellow classmates. However, when she confronted him, it turned out that he was actually running a business at the school by selling grasshoppers.

Even though he did not do anything bad, the child’s mother still scolded him for not focusing on his studies.

“Mama send you to school to be a student not a seller!” she reportedly told her son.

Some commenters stood by the boy’s side. One user even expressed how amazing the boy’s business skills are at a young age.

“He can even sell GRASSHOPPERS. This isn’t a normal level,” one user commented.

Feature Image via Puan Hasmi Samsuddin

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