Chinese Granny Dangles Grandson From Balcony to Help Rescue Cat

Chinese Granny Dangles Grandson From Balcony to Help Rescue CatChinese Granny Dangles Grandson From Balcony to Help Rescue Cat
A Chinese grandmother has gone viral on social media after she was caught on video dangling her grandson on the balcony to help rescue her cat trapped on the balcony below.
The incident took place on Sunday in Peng’an County, Sichuan province, China, according to BJ News via Daily Mail.
In the video, the boy, identified as Hao Hao, a first-grade student who is living with his grandparents while his parents work in another city, can be seen being lowered by his grandmother, Tang, using a rope.
Hao Hao managed to reach the cat and put it inside his bag before he was pulled back by his uncle and grandmother.
Onlookers shouted and urged the grandmother to stop, but the elderly refused to listen.
Wang Ying, a spokesperson at the local residential committee, criticized Tang for the incident and tried to educate her.
Tang insisted that the boy was not hurt and said she did not feel that her actions were dangerous at that moment. However, after viewing the clip, she immediately felt scared, Red Star News reported.
“It is not that I would rather risk my grandson’s life to save my cat. I did it because I was certain (of his safety),” she said.
Tang also expressed her regret, “I know what I did was wrong and will never do (it) again.”
Fortunately, the boy did not suffer any injuries. He also told reporters he did not feel scared during the 10-minute rescue.
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