Chinese Grandpa is Absolutely Fashion Goals for Our Future

Chinese Grandpa is Absolutely Fashion Goals for Our FutureChinese Grandpa is Absolutely Fashion Goals for Our Future
Meet Grandpa Kang, an 83-year-old Chinese grandfather and social media fashion icon who is just oozing with swag.
Kang, who is from Wuhan, China, has loved fashion since his youth, according to South China Morning Post.
“People at my age usually wear regular clothes,” he said. “They don’t think about fashion. They dress in black, white or gray. I’m different. I have my own way of matching clothes. I like to be in chic, young-looking outfits.”
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“Those people show that life in retirement is gloomy. That’s not the truth,” he added. “I wear streetwear because, to me, it’s an attitude – to keep changing, to keep up with trends.”
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He usually goes out shopping with his grandson, Kangkang, to buy clothes.
“Our family pays a lot of attention to what we’re wearing,” the proud grandson said. “When I was a child, I had the impression that my grandfather was like a gentleman from a movie.
Kangkang added that his grandfather was once a university professor, keeping up with changing technologies as well as the latest fashions.
“He used to be a university professor, and taught a subject that required being in touch with the latest technology, so he could pass that knowledge on to his students,” Kangkang said. “I think that’s why he’s always interested in new things.”
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Kang also maintains his physique by exercising and playing sports, such as fencing and basketball.
“Sports keep your body moving, so you stay strong,” he said. “If you do nothing at home, it affects your mental health too. It’s important to keep exercising even as you grow older. Don’t become a problem for society or your family.”
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Despite the praise he has received for his fashion sense, Kang has also been criticizing for wearing over the top clothes for his age. But he doesn’t let the negative comments affect him.
“Many people appreciate my lifestyle,” Kang said. “Some say that I’m too old to wear these fancy clothes. I don’t agree. Your outfit reflects your attitude as well as how you feel inside. I just want to be stylish. I don’t care what they say.”
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Grandpa Kang is also famous on TikTok.
Kang wants to use his new platform to bring positive views to his followers online.
“Since I’m a teacher, even though I’m retired, I want to use my time to contribute to society by bringing positivity,” he said. “We want to spread the message that we all live for ourselves.”
“Yes, sometimes you may be bothered by someone else’s opinion, but being happy is the most important thing.”
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