98-Year-Old Grandma Goes Viral for Her Love of Alcohol, Coke and Hot Pot

98-Year-Old Grandma Goes Viral for Her Love of Alcohol, Coke and Hot Pot98-Year-Old Grandma Goes Viral for Her Love of Alcohol, Coke and Hot Pot
A 98-year-old woman in central China has become an online sensation due to her insatiable appetite for alcohol, Coca-Cola and hot pot, among other “unhealthy” food.
The woman, known only as “Grandma Foodie,” is a resident of Chengdu, Sichuan province. She has starred in Douyin (TikTok) videos with her granddaughter Cai since August, according to Chengdu Business Daily.
It is said that Grandma Foodie will stop at nothing for another cup of booze and another bowl of hot pot, especially when it’s spicy. In one of her videos, she is seen eating hamburgers so fast that her dentures keep falling off.
Image via Chengdu Business Daily
While Grandma Foodie has been on Douyin for months, it was on Monday when she became the most trending topic on Weibo.
Since August, she has also amassed more than 416,000 followers, many of whom praised her for enjoying life even in old age.
Image via Chengdu Business Daily
Grandma Foodie’s videos have received millions of views.
“I think it’s the contrast that makes her so popular,” Cai told reporters, according to What’s on Weibo. “She drinks Coke, eats hamburgers, loves spicy food, and all that greasy food. She’s leading the life of a young person, and it appears to be very unhealthy. But she still has longevity.”
Because Grandma Foodie has no clue about social media, Cai takes care of her videos and tells her that “many, many people” like her.
“Why on earth would they like me? I’m old!” she replied.
Image via Chengdu Business Daily
While many have expressed support for Grandma Foodie, some raised concerns about her dietary preferences, especially at her age.
Still, Cai has no plans to get in her way.
“Grandma’s videos spread a good life attitude,” she said.
Image via Chengdu Business Daily
Needless to say, Grandma Foodie has become such an internet celebrity that netizens have taken to calling her “grandma.”
Weibo users commented:
“She’s so cute.”
“This is a good attitude. You can definitely live a long life without thinking about it.”
“It’s time to eat and drink! What else is left to do at this age?”
“Spicy food can help with longevity!”
“I hope each of us can do what we like when we grow old.”
Featured Images via YouTube / 樂活
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