This $2,000-A-Night Swiss Hotel Makes ‘You Feel Like Being on Board a Space Station’

A Swiss hotel is hoping to woo space fanatics and art lovers to stay overnight with their new out-of-this-world suite.
The Grand Kameha Zürich hotel has unveiled a space station-inspired suite that will cost guests $2,000 a night to feed their interstellar fantasies.
German visual artist Michael Najjar was given carte blanche by the hotel in designing the room, who was inspired by his own dreams of being in space. For the last three years, he has been training in Russia to eventually fly out to space aboard the Virgin Galactic.
“They will forget that they are staying in a hotel room — they will feel like being on board a space station,” Najjar CNN.
The space suite features a “zero gravity” bed that looks like it’s floating above the floor. The bed’s rectangular black mattress mimics the monolith from “2001: A Space Odyssey.”
The room comes equipped with a wall-mounted two-screen video installation that shows space debris in Earth’s orbit. An Apple TV with information about space in English and German is included, and guests have access to a live stream from the International Space Station.
The room’s overhead lights are reminiscent of rocket engine blasters.
There is a space glove shelf installation that can hold phones or keys.
A library of books and movies related to space travel are included.
“The idea behind the Space Suite is to immerse guests — or ‘crew members’ — in the atmosphere of a space station, tapping into various elements of perception to enliven the experience.” the hotel said in a press release.
Patrons of the room will also receive an hour of flight simulation in an Airbus A320, an hour and a half of bodyflying training, and an opportunity to meet Najarr in his Berlin studio.
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