Former Subtle Asian Traits memer, now Twitch cook, goes viral for explaining the internet to Gordon Ramsay

  • When Twitch streamer Tricia Wang introduced herself as a contestant on the competitive reality cooking show “Next Level Chef,” Michelin-starred chef and host Gordon Ramsay responded with “What the f*ck is Twitch?”
  • Wang went viral on the Asian Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits” after sharing the moment on Thursday as a former prominent memer.

A Twitch streamer went viral for the second time when she posted a clip of her interaction with Michelin-starred chef Gordon Ramsay from the competitive reality cooking show “Next Level Chef” on Thursday.

Known by her handle @triciaisabirdy on the streaming platform, Tricia Wang appeared as a contestant on host Ramsay’s new show. Also featuring pro chefs Nyesha Arrington and Richard Blais, who will serve as mentors, the show takes 15 cooks from all walks of life — line cooks, home chefs, food truck runners, social media stars and more, to face off in a “culinary gauntlet” to find the “next culinary superstar.” Contestants will be taken under the tutelage of one of the three chefs and pitted against each other in teams.

In the competition’s premiere episode, Wang prepared a note-worthy scallop dish for the chefs and introduced herself to Ramsay. When he asked her what her profession was she said, “I stream on Twitch — my cooking, chef.”

Ramsay replied in confusion, “What the f*ck is Twitch?” prompting a few laughs from the other contestants and mentors. Wang explained, “A livestream platform, chef.”

The moment went viral on Twitter, with thousands baffled that Ramsay didn’t know of the massive streaming platform.

Ramsay and Twitch later shared playful banter over Twitter, temporarily shouting each other out in their Twitter bios.

On Thursday, Wang reposted screenshots of the show and a longer clip to the Asian Facebook group “Subtle Asian Traits” (SAT) including the caption, “When you go on a Gordon Ramsay show but you’re still only known for your meme posts on SAT from years ago…” with a laughing emoji. The post has over 18,000 likes and reactions and over 1,100 comments as of this writing.

Since the popular Facebook group begun in 2018, Wang was one of the first prominent meme posters, having gone viral multiple times for her posts on food, Asian parents and anime.

One of the most-liked comments read, “From posting memes to becoming a meme.” A SAT group admin also wrote about how inspirational Wang is, calling her “a certified community builder.”

Wang wrote in SAT about how much her life changed since her early meme posting days and closed with, “I’m going to tell my mom I succeeded at something in life.”

Featured Image via @triciaisabirdy

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