GoPro Left on Sushi Conveyor Belt Reveals an Intimate Look at Life in Japan

GoPro Left on Sushi Conveyor Belt Reveals an Intimate Look at Life in Japan
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
March 7, 2018
Update: The original video has been removed by the uploader.
What’s it like to live in JapanIs it about iconic cartoon characters, unique underwear commercials, bizarre farting events, futuristic tech straight out of “Black Mirror” or guardian cats that lead humans out of terrifying woods in the dead of night?
Well, it’s all those and everything in between, according to a camera that literally toured a sushi restaurant!
In a video published on March 6, YouTuber TkyoSam put his GoPro on a restaurant’s sushi conveyor belt to fend for itself.
It seems like a stupid thing to do — and TkyoSam calls himself an “a**hole” for it — but what turned out of the stunt has apparently charmed thousands!
As the GoPro traveled on the belt, it captured moments of diners coursing through their dishes, giving viewers one “story” after another.
Check out our favorite stills:
The climax happens some three minutes and 40 seconds into the video when the camera is “seized” by a restaurant staff.
Oh no!
But of course, the GoPro made its way safely back into TkyoSam’s hands, “full” of stories from its brief travel!
TkyoSam’s video quickly went viral, racking up at least 220,000 views in two days. He also featured it on his Patreon page.
YouTube users commented:
Watch the whole video below:

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