25 Amazing Google Tricks You Never Knew Existed

We all know how to search on Google, but did you know that there is a lot more that you can do?

1. Can’t figure out what to eat? Let Google decide!

2. Check your flight status

3. Flip a coin

4. Search “tilt” and see what happens

5. Do a quick translation

6. Easily set a timer for yourself

7. Want to know when a specific film you want to see is released? Google can do that.

8. Search “zerg rush” to play a hidden game

9. Or search “atari breakout” on Google image search to play a classic

10. Easily search your favorite site by typing “site:<insert your site>” followed by the keyword.

11. Check movie times for your local theater

12. Need a quick metric conversion? No problem


13. Google offers a quick way to calculate your tip amount the next time you eat out

14. Don’t feel like typing? You can enable Google voice search by pressing the microphone button.

15. Find other books written by your favorite author

16. In a foreign country? Google offers a quick way to convert currency

17. Discover new songs by your favorite music artist

18. Search “recursion” and get thrown into an infinite loop

19. Want to find the origin of any image online? Go to Google image search and paste the photo link or upload the photo directly

20. Check all the info you need for your favorite show and when it airs

21. Feeling romantic? Ask Google to give you a love quote!

22. Check the weather forecast for any place in the world

23. Find out who the founder is for any known company

24. Check sunrise and sunset times for any place in the world

25. Finally, make Google do a barrel roll!

Have any more Google tricks that we missed here? Comment below!
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