Google, Facebook and Twitter’s Black Employees Could All Fit Inside a Single Plane

The combined number of black employees at Google, Facebook and Twitter can fit on a single Airbus A380.
By law, companies are obligated to disclose their full EEO1 reports, which detail the race and gender demographics of their employees. According to these reports, out of 41,000 employees working at Google, Facebook and Twitter, only 358 (1.8%) are black.
Though black people make up 13% of the overall workforce, they are underrepresented by a factor of seven at these three leading tech companies. The visual comparison of black employees to all other employees is shown below:
The tech industry has lately been under fire for race and gender gaps in hiring. Reverend Jesse Jackson, who has won significant diversity concessions from major tech companies, made an appearance at Google’s shareholder meeting this past May. He expressed his disappointment to the Guardian:
“We are becoming intolerant with these numbers. There’s a big gap between their talk and their implementation.”
Even with controversy surrounding the issue, progress for change has been slow. Facebook hired 1,216 new employees last year, of which 36 were African American. The percentage for Google has not changed. Twitter is expected to make greater strides since a greater portion of its user base, oftentimes referred to as “Black Twitter,” is comprised of African Americans.
Source: Mother Jones
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