YouTuber Joma Tech signs with ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ backer to make Bitcoin dramedy

YouTuber Joma Tech signs with ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ backer to make Bitcoin dramedyYouTuber Joma Tech signs with ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ backer to make Bitcoin dramedy
Bryan Ke
May 27, 2022
YouTuber Jonathan Ma has signed a deal with Stars Collective, an entertainment company launched by “Crazy Rich Asians” backer Peter Luo, to make a dark comedy drama about Bitcoin.
The engineer-turned-YouTuber, known online as Joma, was signed by Stars Collective to a managing, development and production deal with the Bitcoin comedy drama as his first project, Deadline reported.
Ma’s project will tell the story of Bitcoin’s origins and its mysterious creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, whose dormant wallets suddenly become active and create chaos in the crypto market.
It will also feature two plots that occur at different points in time: the first storyline will follow a journalist in the present day, while the second storyline will focus on a Ph.D. student who becomes invested in Bitcoin in 2007.
Jonathan authentically connects to a generation of consumers who think differently and exhibit evolving entertainment consumption habits,” Luo said in a statement. “His following and strong fan engagement is a direct result of his intelligence, likeability, creative acumen, and natural ability to tell stories.”
After working as a software engineer at Google, Ma became a full-time YouTuber six months ago under the channel Joma Tech, producing informative videos and comedic skits for his now more than 1.74 million subscribers.
Ma has recently dived into the world of cryptocurrency in his content. Some of his recent popular videos include “If Wolf of Wall Street were about crypto” and “Crypto traders be like.”
I’m very grateful that Peter Luo sees potential in me as a storyteller,” Ma said. “Having Star Collective’s support will really give me the confidence to tell the stories I want to tell and allow me to grow as a filmmaker way faster than if I did it alone. I’m very excited about this and it feels like a dream come true for me.”
Satoshi Nakamoto’s true identity remains a mystery to this day. In December 2021, Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist claiming to be the founder of Bitcoin, won a $27 billion court case against the estate of his deceased business partner David Kleiman.
In March, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared a conspiracy theory about the supposed Bitcoin inventor in a tweet, suggesting that the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto is simply an amalgam of syllables from Samsung, Toshiba, Nakamichi and Motorola.
Featured Image via Joma Tech
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