Toddler Run Over By Car in China Escapes With Scrapes After Being Saved By Hero Strangers

good Samaritans

A group of passersby rushed to the aid of a 2-year-old Chinese girl who was accidentally run over by a car in Fujian province last week.

The young child survived the terrifying ordeal after the good Samaritans worked together to help lift the vehicle that was pinning her body to the pavement.

In the surveillance video captured on Feb. 18 in Zhangzhou, the toddler can be seen walking with her family on a small road.

After slightly straying off to the side of the road, a white SUV turned right, running her over with the front-left tire. Realizing that the vehicle had hit something, the driver made a full stop, leaving the back-left tire right on top of her.


Nearby passersby who noticed the terrified mother going into a panic immediately rushed over to help. The footage shows about ten people teaming up to lift up the vehicle in a frantic effort to get the girl out safely.

Fortunately, the “good Samaritans” were able to save the child just in time, according to Shanghaiist. 

The child was reportedly not severely injured in the incident and was soon discharged from the hospital after getting treatment for slight “facial abrasions and bruises.”

Featured image via YouTube / Netizen Watch

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