Good Humans Save Abused Pupper from Hong Kong Puppy Mill, Now Has the Best Life Ever

Meet Roo the Yorkie Poo.

She’s a good girl from Vancouver by way of Hong Kong.

Little Roo’s life began in a Hong Kong puppy mill, where she was set aside to be used to breed even smaller dogs.

She was rescued by some kind humans, who took her back home to Canada.

She doesn’t have any teeth, and her left ear was so infected when they found her that a vet was forced to remove it.

That doesn’t stop Roo though — and she’s as cute as can be despite her hardships!

Her humans give her the best life possible, and she’s very loved.

Her signature look? That adorably dorky tongue with those soulful little eyes 😍

Majestic af!

We love you, Roo!

Featured Image via Instagram / bringrootoo

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