Goldman Sachs Rescinds Job Offer After Discovering Applicant Was A Former Japanese Porn Star

A young woman’s dream of working for Goldman Sachs came to a screeching halt after the company discovered her porn star past.
The multinational banking firm reportedly withdrew their job offer to a fresh Japanese graduate to work at the bank’s Tokyo office, according to the Daily Mail.
The young applicant, who went by the stage name Shizuka Minamoto in her adult films, did porn while she was a student at a university. She was able to obtain a job offer from Goldman Sachs Tokyo immediately after her graduation. The potential contract, however, was terminated even before it began.
She doesn’t regret her career in AV,” an industry insider told Tokyo Reporter. “But she was afraid of people finding out about it when she started job hunting. So she sent cease-and-desist orders to video sites that were illegally uploading her films.”
Minamoto was usually featured in movies billing her as a girl with an IQ of 130. She reportedly discovered the industry when she was 18 and worked when she was a freshman and sophomore college student.
In one video entitled “Lost Virginity,” Minamoto described (in character) why she joined the adult video industry.
I decided to appear in AV because I am intrigued by male genitals,” she said. “I scored 935 on the TOEIC exam (an English proficiency exam with the highest possible score of 990).”
While Goldman Sachs did not directly cite her previous porn career as the main reason for the rejection, the company stated the decision was based on the grounds that her private life did not conform with company policy.
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