Chinese Park Uses Honor System to Sell Lunch to Tourists, Gets Exactly What They Deserve

A 1 yuan ($0.15) lunch project at a tourist spot in Luoyang, Henan province, China went better than expected after it earned more money than the number of people it served.

During the Golden Week holiday in China, the Laojun Mountain National Geological Park decided to offer meals to tourists that consist of a noodle soup, a steamed bun, and a sausage all for the price of 1 yuan, according to The Paper as translated by Shanghaiist.


However, instead of paying a cashier, customers would just throw in their money in a donation box that says: “Pay yourself, make your own change.”

It turns out that the project was a huge success in the end. For their first day, organizers at the tourist attraction served 1,200 meals to customers, but they received 1,275 yuan ($185) in sales.

All in all, the tourist spot served 10,223 customers and earned 10,806 yuan ($1,559) for the duration of the Golden Week, Xinhuanet reported.

Featured Image via YouTube / Watermelon video

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